HODMAS University College offers an English program that is an international curriculum that will develop students from starter to advanced level

In addition to that, all Hodmas University College courses require English as entry-level to join the undergraduate programs we offer. Our ELC offers an internationally recognized English program.


Our programs are open to everyone who is willing to learn English to advanced levels especially those who are going to higher education.


Levels Duration

3 months maximum for those who are starting to learn but have a secondary school.

45 days for those who are some basic of the English language.

Elementary 3 months or 45 days depending on the previous knowledge of the learners.
Pre-Intermediate 3 Months
Intermediate 3 Months
Upper-Intermediate 3 Months
Advanced 3 Months


English Fees
Registration Fees $5
ID Card $5
Level Fees

$60 (Starter to Intermediate)

$75 (Upper-Intermediate to Advanced)


  • Re-exam fees for students who have repeat level or only the exam must first consult with ELC and Finance.
  • For those who are attending ELC classes but continuing for the undergraduate programs should consult the administrative person for special fees.



Entry Requirement for new students

  • Filled ELC Application Form
  • Copy of High school leaving certificate or currently studying High school only form 3 and 4 students.
  • Identification Card
  • Photos *with White background taken within the last 3 months*



  • Undergraduate Students who already have conditional letter of acceptance can also join the course but first should consult school administrative and ELC.
  • Those who couldn’t go through admission for the undergraduate can apply directly with ELC and the rejection of the admission team won’t be in effect.