Welcome Message

We are very delighted to welcome you to HODMAS UC which leads to the sure path to success and professionalism. It is a multi-field University College disposed and structured in such a way as to give unique & qualified opportunities to its students. We also welcome you to this website from which you will obtain lots of information about HODMAS and what we stand for as an institution.

In line with our Vision and Mission statements together with our core values, you will be pleased to go through and see our wide-ranging study courses for the various trades and professions. We render services of value to our students whose success in their professional endeavors at HUC reflects what we stand for as an institution.

The undergraduate study courses we offer are carefully selected to provide the young people who aspire and are motivated to develop and strengthen their academic knowledge and professional skills relevant to the various sectors of the economy.

The professionalism capacity and the critical thinking of the young generation in our country is very crucial for meaningful growth and productivity in both the public and private sectors on top of the country’s economic development and its general well being.

At HODMAS, we have the infrastructure and the facilities necessary in the provision of all the courses to enable our students to learn current situations of what they studying worldwide which creates a space for personal motivation and development at all study levels.

It is part of our academic development goal to equip our students with all the necessary skills they need for their employability in the job market and hence their living standards.

The affordability of the fees we charge for the various programs at different study levels at HUC increases the accessibility of all the programs we offer.

We always feel humbled by your bestowing us an opportunity to serve you and transform you to be a better, more productive, and resourceful person not only to yourself but also to the people, businesses, and the organizations (both public and private) in our country and beyond. We urge you to always pay visits to our facilities to know more about our innovative approaches to teaching at HODMAS University College.

Director and Acting Vice-Chancellor

Naima Abdirahman Moalin