We inspire futures and nurturing possibilities for brilliant minds,

Taking perseverance in pursuit as the substance, taking innovation every day as the way

HODMAS University College (HUC) is a tertiary institution established in 2019 to provide undergraduate and Professional courses in various fields.


We are a multidisciplinary university college with international partners of the same, and we offer higher quality courses leading to awards to diploma and bachelor’s degree.


HODMAS was established to bridge to get high-quality education where students are able to graduate with professional potency and skills in the fields they studied with meeting people in various industries and to get an internship in order to graduate.


We offer variety of faculties and programs with full capacity to advance our students

Faculty of Economics & Business Management,

Faculty of Social Science and Politics

Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

Faculty of Information Technology and Multimedia

Faculty of Health Science

Faculty of Agriculture and Livestock Farming

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science


Along with International Digital Skills partnered with ICDL and English Language Program

Our University College is registered and accredited by the Somalia Federal Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education.


Our Mission

To provide accessible and affordable various higher-quality study programs in which research includes core learning competences.


Our Vision

Hodmas University College envisions to be the leading institution for high-quality education and professional excellence in Somalia.


Commitment to student needs, proven professionalism, integrity, efficiency, reliability, transparency, and accountability.

Our objectives are also created to make our mission, vision, and values to be easily achievable and institutional objectives of Hodmas University College (HUC) include but not limited to:

  1. Provide high quality and enabling academic degree programs for those aspiring to become well-versed experts in their sectors.
  2. Improve the professional capacity of our students through proven teaching and skills training and through standardized testing mechanisms administered with the checks and balances required for quality assurance.
  3. Seek and partner higher education institutions of fame.
  4. Provide Education-Industry partnership for the students.
  5. Advocate for professional knowledge development in Somalia’s tertiary education.
  6. Produce professional cadre that is capable and competitive in the job market.
  7. Promote the spirit of creativity, innovation, professionalism, and excellence in our study programs.