We’re proud to be a breath of fresh air in the higher education sector in Somalia. Quality and academic excellence with student satisfaction is a priority to our success.

The establishment of the Hodmas University College was given approval by the government in October 2020 and received membership from the higher education commission in mid 2021.

Our university takes full advantage of its location in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in Somalia. The mission drives our focus on quality education for all and service to the communities and societies around us.
Since our founding in 2020, Hodmas University has redrawn and redefined the boundaries of intellectual and creative thought as a preeminent academic center. Our rigorous, multidimensional approach to education dissolves walls between disciplines and helps nurture progressive minds.

We introduced skill focused degrees and courses with the target of achieving and becoming standardized higher education institution in Somalia and in the region.

In Hodmas UC, students have the academic freedom to shape their unique, individual paths for a complex and rapidly changing world.






Years of quality education


With only 3 years in full operation as a university college, we successfully transformed many students and lives by introducing them to the education system and structure that will help them achieve more in their life by fitting in the job market.

Mission &

Our mission is to create a transformative educational experience through collaboration for students focused on deep disciplinary knowledge; problem solving; leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills; and personal health and well-being.


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