Student Union

Get Involved and make a difference for the things that matters and you are passionate about.

Expand your horizons with talks to learn more about Somalia and the world, events to attend and see it first hand, or opportunities to connect with the people and communities around you.

Students’ unions put together social events and societies for a wide range of different hobbies and interests.
Students’ unions at HUC are run by reps elected by students, and they’re responsible for representing the student – so the student can go to them for all kinds of support.
A student union or association is a student-run group that dedicates its time and resources to give the whole student community of the university, fairness, opportunities and a voice.

What does our student union do?

They are in charge of anything social or organizational for the student. If you do have any issues or concerns or want to get involved, they are the place to go. They represent students’ concerns, views, and aspirations, combining, and organizing activities. The roles are endless

However, if you want a more active role, like a president, you should speak to the past or the current president and ask for ideas. It is a big job that takes up a lot of time and energy and you will need to be passionately active in wanting a better time for all types of students.

Hodmas University College

students’ unions are organizations that exist at university to represent the interests of students. Although most are known as Students’ Unions, other common terms include Guilds of Students and Students’ Associations, the latter being the more common term in Scotland.

What can my student union do for me? 

If you have concerns or issues that your personal tutor, administrator, or lecturer can’t help you with should go speak to your student union. Even if you are thinking about setting up a society, or activities around the university it is a great idea to get them involved, they can help you out a lot and offer a lot of help and guidance.

Your student union is vital for you moving forward, the more you can use them to help you, the better. A student union is perfect for you if you’re facing any issues, they will always be there for you.

Union activities:

1: ACTIVISM: Student unions organize and support a wide range of activities, including political discussions, protests, university occupations, educational lectures, cultural and artistic events, and conferences.

One of the primary reasons we have student unions is because of student action. When it comes to equal rights and progress, unions are recognized for standing for their members.

2: CAMPAIGNS: Campaigning is the process of organizing people and power to effect change. Campaigns frequently arrange mass demonstrations and events to draw attention to and confront societal issues. A campaign is about more than just increasing awareness; it’s about changing policy, legislation, practice, or conduct.

3: ELECTIONS: your student’s union will be run by students for whom you will vote. You can run for office at any time during your education! Election week is always a busy week on campus, with posters plastered on walls, people passing out fliers, and the most creative students doing something unexpected. Students running for office will prepare manifestos laying out their goals to help you as a student.

4: HELP: The main objective of student unions is to assist and support you. That is their highest priority. During your stay at university, unions guarantee that you are fully supported and given every opportunity to achieve. They exist to keep the university responsible to its students and are operated independently of the university. To do this, they will collaborate on a variety of difficulties that students confront. Most unions provide an advice center where you can get objective guidance on any concerns you might be having while you’re studying.

5: INVOLVEMENT: There are so many ways that you can get involved with your students’ union. Depending on the size of your union, you may be invited to join a variety of committees and councils that will all assist to inform change at the institution. You may also join sports teams and societies. 


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Increase the on-campus international student population and introduce further measures to enhance the international environment at Kempbelle University.


Upgrade student living areas on campus to an international standard. Creative spaces in the studying and living area should enable richer and deeper social and intellectual engagement among students with different cultures and backgrounds.


Provide flexible housing solutions to meet student circumstances and individual needs.


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