Research and Innovation

Our academic staff is dedicated to conducting boundary-breaking research which will and can improve lives across Somalia, the continent, and the world. Collaboration with a wide mix of friends and partners in the center to enhance global knowledge and develop regional and global citizenship.  

We find it easy to be proud of the achievement that our extraordinary researchers and staff have at Hodmas are willing to do.

Research is and will be the heart of our university, the present, and the future.
We are focusing on discovering what can shape Somalia, the region, and the world today, from the development of social development and its economy to the establishment of technology findings and innovations and science .

We will train and bring Somalia’s best people together, combining expertise from across disciplines to understand and find new ideas and solutions to some of the country’s most pressing problems including peace and stability, literacy and information security awareness, climate change and sustainability as well as food and water scarcity.

From tackling drought and lack of economic growth to finding the energy and technology solutions of the future, help us make partners, researchers and international institutions to make a real difference to the lives of Somalis, across the region and the world.

Upcoming Research Areas

Importance of Innovation and Development

Droughts, Climate Change, and sustainability

Where is the Money Going - why the Youth in Somalia struggling on building successful business


To contribute, partner, and help us with our research topics, please reach the office of the VP in Academic Affairs and Research by writing an email to: