Industry Talk by Hodmas

Hodmas College facilitated an industrial talk about the cybersecurity program, which was demonstrated by cybersecurity experts.

2nd time: 1studnet1laptop Initiative continues

Hodmas University’s mission is to provide students with an innovative educational experience that focuses on deep disciplinary knowledge, problem-solving, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, and personal health and well-being.

Short courses Certificate Ceremony 2022

Lecturer Ridwan Nor Abdi with his graduate students Short Courses Ceremony Hodmas University College did have graduation of short courses in computer skills in this

New years eve 2021

New year’s  Eve New year’s eve 2021 After a long and trying year filled with ups and downs, Hodmas threw a surprise partywith the main

Ethics in Journalism in Somalia

Journalism in Somalia Five ethics of Journalism So while various codes may have some differences, most share common elements including the principles of truthfulness, accuracy,


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