Short courses Certificate Ceremony 2022

Lecturer Ridwan Nor Abdi with his graduate students

Short Courses Ceremony

Hodmas University College did have graduation of short courses in computer skills in this ceremony we did have little graduation to celebrate the success of our student also in this ceremony we did give the students their certificate 


Hodmas University College did a warmest congratulation on the student’s graduation. Hodmas University did congratulate on the students graduation and we did best wishes for the students’ next adventure! So happy to share in the excitement of you graduation day, and so very proud of you, too! Prayers and blessings on your graduation and for your future.


Hodmas university certificate computer skills award

Bring to your Office skills to a whole new level by diving into a suite set of powerful instructional courses.

Excel with Excel, and move from the basics to an advanced level. Employ all of your newly-learned tips and tricks to unlock new dimensions from your data .Plus, expand your presentation prowess, with courses that deliver on the functional basics.

Launching a New Era: Specialized Research Centers at HODMAS University College

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the Center for Research Excellence, a visionary initiative championed by our esteemed Founder and President, Mrs. Naima A. Moalin. This significant step underscores our commitment to academic excellence and highlights the crucial role research plays in shaping the future of higher education.

Unlocking Opportunities through Collaboration with AAU

A woman in Somalia, like in any other society, is defined as an adult female human being. In Somali culture, a woman is often expected to fulfill traditional roles such as wife, mother, and caregiver, but this is not the only aspect of a woman’s identity. Women in Somalia, like women around the world, have diverse interests, experiences, and aspirations that go beyond these traditional roles.

New years eve 2021

New year’s  Eve New year’s eve 2021 After a long and trying year filled with ups and downs, Hodmas threw a surprise partywith the main