New years eve 2021

New year’s  Eve

New year's eve 2021

After a long and trying year filled with ups and downs, Hodmas threw a surprise party
with the main goal of bringing all of the lecturers and staff at Hodmas together in
one place without worrying about work or anything else. 

This enabled Hodmas to recognize and reward the most outstanding staff.
The entire Hodmas management team and staff welcomed the New Year with
open arms, with plans for the New Year to be even more incredible than the one that
had just ended.

The evening was full of chuckling and cool stories that all the individuals shared with
each other some of the stories made all snicker and some made them realize
something or learn something. Also as a surprise parents made an appearance and saw what kind of colleagues their son/daughter has, which empowered all individuals to tune in and appreciate their stories which were full of shrewdness and involvement.

Short courses Certificate Ceremony 2022

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