Governance at HUC

At Hodmas University College, we believe in strong and effective governance to guide our institution towards excellence. Our governance structure includes key individuals and committees who play integral roles in overseeing the management and development of the university.

Leadership Team

Mrs. Naima Moalin – Founder and President

Anthony Lubega – Vice President of Academics and Research

Mr. Mohamed Osman – Co-Founder and Interim Vice President of Administration and Finance

Mr. Abdullahi Abdulle – University Registrar

Ms. Aisha Mohamud – Vice President of Admissions and Student Enrollment

Mr. Hassan Malin – Vice President (acts as the President in her absence)

Board of Directors (BoD)

Hodmas University College is governed by a Board of Directors chaired by Mrs. Naima Moalin, the President. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the effective management of the university and driving its future development. The composition of the Board changes every two years to bring fresh perspectives and expertise to the governance process. The names of the Board members can be shared upon request.

The Board of Directors fulfills the following key responsibilities

Setting the strategic direction and long-term vision of the university

Monitoring the overall performance and financial stability of the institution

Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Approving major policies, programs, and initiatives

Providing guidance and support to the President and senior leadership


Hodmas University College has various committees that contribute to the institution’s effective functioning and decision-making processes. These committees focus on specific areas of university operations and provide valuable insights and recommendations to the leadership team. The committees include:

Academic Affairs Committee:

Oversees academic programs, curriculum development, faculty appointments, and quality assurance in teaching and learning.

Research and Innovation Committee:

Promotes research activities, fosters collaborations with external partners, and supports innovation and knowledge creation within the university.

Finance and Budget Committee:

Reviews financial matters, develops budgets, monitors financial performance, and ensures sound financial management practices.

Human Resources Committee:

Deals with recruitment, staff development, employee policies, and maintaining a positive work environment.

Student Affairs Committee:

Addresses student-related issues, welfare, and extracurricular activities, and creates a supportive and inclusive campus environment.

Marketing and Communications Committee: Develop strategies to enhance the university’s visibility, reputation, branding, and effective communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Facilities and Infrastructure Committee:

Oversees the planning, development, and maintenance of university facilities, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Governance and Compliance Committee:

Monitors compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, reviews governance policies and practices and ensures ethical conduct and accountability.

These committees, consisting of members from different areas of expertise and university stakeholders, collaborate to provide guidance and recommendations that contribute to the overall growth and success of Hodmas University College.

Please note that the specific names of committee members can be provided upon request, as per our privacy and confidentiality protocols. For further information or inquiries, please get in touch with our university administration.


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