HODMAS UC offers financial aid that is based on needs to make your education affordable.

We understand the current situation in our country and the challenges families face to manage the student cost for higher education and that is why we offer financial aid for eligible students.

We recognize many families face different circumstances, and for that, we encourage any family concerned or want support about paying the tuition fees to apply financial aid.

Defining Eligibility

Despite the difference in the income of families in Somalia, HUC promises students to have an opportunity based on the need they have to get higher education.

Following our guidelines at HODMAS UC will define what scholarship or financial support students will get by not looking at who they are, or were they from, or their chosen class but rather who they want to become, where they want to reach in life, and to support their chosen class.

We will carefully evaluate the condition of the family and the student’s willing to fulfill the requirements for the scholarship for their chosen course.

HODMAS will meet 100% to fill the required seats of scholarship and meet the enrolled students through grant aid.

For more information about our financial aid or want to be a sponsor or to provide a grant for the student; email us at

Also, you can talk to us by calling +252 619 111587 or

Or come and see us at our campus

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