ID cards Guidelines

New and Returning Students:
  • Your course team will give you your ID cards during your first scheduled class on location if you are a new student.
  • For returning students, we recognize that it has been a long time since you used your card to enter the building – and we also understand that it is possible to be misled from time to time.
    With this in mind, returning students who have misplaced their ID cards will be charged.
Requesting replacement ID cards for returning students
  • The ID card will be printed using the photo we have on file for you and will be available for pickup at College on the day of your first scheduled session on site.

  • If you misplace your new ID card, you must purchase a replacement.

  • Please keep in mind that in order to attend or obtain a new card, you must first enroll.

  • If you haven’t already registered, please do so as soon as possible.

  • If you need a replacement card, please contact Support Service.