Launching a New Era: Specialized Research Centers at HODMAS University College

Dear HODMAS University College Community,

We are delighted to share the establishment of three dynamic research-focused centers, each designed to propel our commitment to academic excellence and innovation. These visionary initiatives are championed under the leadership of Mrs. Naima A. Moalin, our Founder and President.

Guided by Mrs. Naima A. Moalin’s dedication to fostering innovation and academic excellence, these centers are poised to become vibrant hubs of intellectual curiosity and groundbreaking research.

Elevating Academic Excellence Through Specialized Research Centers

Recognizing that successful higher education institutions thrive on the quality and impact of their research, HODMAS University College introduces three specialized centers:

  1. Center for Women and Social Inclusion is a focal center for research addressing societal dynamics, gender equality, and social inclusion.
  2. Center for Economic Development and Sustainability which is Dedicated to cutting-edge research in economics, sustainable development, and global prosperity.
  3. TechHub Solution is a technological powerhouse focusing on innovative solutions, technological advancements, and industry collaboration.

Under the auspices of these Centers, HODMAS University College aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration. By bringing together researchers, scholars, and students, we aspire to address contemporary challenges and significantly contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

This multi-center approach aligns with our commitment to building a regional and global academic presence. Through strategic investments in research, we aspire to elevate the profile of HODMAS University College both nationally and internationally.

Engage with the Centers for Research Excellence

We extend an invitation to every member of the HODMAS University College community and all stakeholders to actively engage with the Centers for Research Excellence. Whether you are a faculty member, a researcher, or a student with a passion for exploration, there are abundant opportunities for collaboration, learning, and contribution across these specialized centers.

For Further Information:

  1. Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation:
  2. The President’s Office –

In conclusion, the establishment of these research-focused centers under the leadership of the Vice President for Research and Innovation signifies a new chapter in our academic journey at HODMAS University College. Let us collectively embrace this opportunity to cultivate a culture of inquiry, innovation, and academic distinction.

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