As we want to be the leading institution for research in Somalia and beyond, over and done with innovative teaching and leading-edge research which contributes in substantial and continuing ways to the advancement of knowledge across all our fields of study. All our students for undergraduate and Professional Diploma programs will get the support they need in order to reach our vision in Academics.

Hodmas University College offers disciplines that can contribute to the direction Somalia is heading which is swiftly emerging and also it’s designed for our students to interact with the communities that we live with.


Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

– Bachelor of Journalism and Broadcasting (Hons)

– Bachelor of Digital Media Production (Hons)

– Bachelor of Advertising and Digital Marketing (Hons)

– Bachelor of Communication (Public Relation)(Hons)

Faculty of Economics and Business Management

– Bachelor of International Business Management

– Bachelor of Science in Digital Business (Hons)

– Bachelor of Banking and Finance (Hons)

– Bachelor Accounting and Finance (Hons)

– Bachelor of Science in Economics (Hons)

Faculty of Social Science and Politics

– Bachelor of Global Politics and International Relations (Hons)

– Bachelor of World Politics and Economy (Hons)

– Bachelor of Humanities and Social Studies (Hons)

– Bachelor of Public and Administration & Leadership

Faculty of Computer Science & IT

–  Bachelor of Information Technology (Networking and Information Security)

–  Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Engineering)

– Bachelor of Information Technology (Multimedia Computing)

–  Bachelor of Information Technology (Cybersecurity)

Faculty of Health Science

–  Bachelor of Public Health (Hons)

–  Bachelor of Hospital and Health Care Management (Hons)

–  Bachelor of Health Psychology (Hons)

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

– Bachelor of Engineering Management

– Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering (Hons)

– Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Renewal Energy (Hons)

Faculty of Agriculture and Livestock Farming

– Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources in Smart Organic Farming

– Bachelor of Agribusiness Management (Hons)

– Bachelor of Food Science and  Technology

– Bachelor of Aquaculture and Fishery Management (Hons)

Professional Diplomas

  • Professional Diploma in Disaster Management and Emergency Planning
  • Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education 
  • Professional Diploma in Food Science and Hygiene
  • Professional Diploma in Agribusiness Management
  • Professional Diploma in Social Development Community Development
  • Professional Diploma in Business Management
  • Professional Diploma in Project Management
  • Professional Diploma in Information and Digital Technology
  • Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Media
  • Professional Diploma in Media Studies