Industry Talk by Hodmas

Hodmas College facilitated an industrial talk about the cybersecurity program, which was demonstrated by cybersecurity experts. We focus on mechanical conversation (We talk with trailblazers, “outside-the-box” thinkers who influence not just current industry forms, but additionally outline our long haul with an intriguing vision and exceptional boldness in order to change the world. Such a concept is new in Somalia as an entire, and especially within the instructive segments, so Hodmas was one of the primaries to effectively actualize it.

The experts who presented at this event were  Abdi Shakur shidane (CEO – & co-founder of BIXI LTD) and Bashir Dhore (CEO & founder of cybersecurity), who were eager to share their knowledge and tips with the youth interested in cybersecurity.


The eventual aim that Hodmas intend to gain was to bring together a diverse pool of students from various universities and different ways of learning IT and computer 

science bachelors into one place with experts who have achieved success in the cybersecurity field and make them interact together by listening and answering all their questions in order to inspire them to move on with this field. 

The board of directors of Hodmas declared that the number of the attendant undergraduates/ graduates were nearly ninety (90) students from fifteen(15) different universities.


The advantages of holding such events for students are significant because it shows them how they can become if they focus more on their field and also opens their minds to take advantage of the open opportunities in this field. It also allows students to see and learn about real industrial operations and working environments as cybersecurity specialists or analysts.

This event emphasizes the importance of technology in our modern lives and how most job openings are shifting to become technology-related, indicating that there are many openings a need to fill these openings.