Admission procedure might vary based on the course you apply to; below are 3 steps that can help you to have a successful application.




Make sure you have chosen the right course so it won’t cost you to change your application again after you process the first application.

You can make an appointment with our Education Counsellor to get more information about the course you are willing to study and to get full information about the requirements.


High School leaving certificate with minimum or higher-Grade C (minus, plain, plus) and pass HUC Admission Interview


English Test Written and Spoken (pass marks of above 50% required)

Higher education or experience in a related field (last year for a bachelor’s degree or completed diploma) with a required interview


High School leaving certificate with minimum or higher-Grade B (minus, plain, plus) and pass HUC Admission Interview


English Test Written and Spoken (pass marks of above 70% required)




Make sure your desired study programs are open for admission in the session when you would like to start your studies.

Check the deadlines for submitting your application. The official dates for submitting an application are detailed below, but see the exact deadline posted for the program of study.


The February 2021 intake deadline is on the 16th.
The September 2021 intake deadline is on the 29th.



In some programs, spots may be available after the deadlines. Consult the list of programs available in the next session for the school that you applying to. For program deadlines, Visit the admission front desk to assist you.


Tools to help you


As part of your studies at HUC, you will become familiar with the English language. Hodmas University College is an English language university, and we will use English in all our communications with you, from application all the way to graduation.


We are confident that you—like all HUC students whose mother tongue is not English —will get very well. To give you a little help, however, we are providing English translations and assistance to have a successful application and all our official communications.


Understand The Evaluation Of Application Documents 


Providing truthful documents can help your application assessment and evaluation to be a smooth process and also the admission team wishes that,  so please understand it might take some time for this process.


Schedule Interview or Tests


If required, you will receive an email with full information where you can schedule your appointment.


If required Tests, whether it’s (written or oral test), you will receive an email explaining the type of tests you will do and when the test will be happening.


  • In the case where more than 5 students are doing the test, the admission team will decide the date of the exam, but if 1-5 students you will receive a flexible email where you also choose the time to do the test.


Get Assistance: English Language  


If you apply for a good time for your application and get accepted, the English Language Center can help you have English classes where you improve your English before you start your undergraduate program.



Filing of the application

Here you will find useful information for filing your application for undergraduate programs:

Download form



Clear copy of High School leaving certificate – school & government cert.

University certificates/transcript or experience letter for those applying for PDP

ID – if applicable

Photos- white background – 4 pieces within the last 3 months

Admission Letter




Fees associated with the application for admission

The handling of your application includes administrative fees. These fees are not refundable and applications cannot be canceled. In order for your application to be submitted and studied by one of our staff, it is essential that you pay the fees when you submit your application.




$ 23


$ 3


$ 25


$ 4 

*Under some circumstances application fees won’t be charged, for more info refer to the admission front desk

Method of payment

Payment can be paid at the cashier counter at the campus through mobile banking, also POS can be paid as the cashier as well.

Cash on hand is not accepted under any circumstances. You can make the payment with a personal mobile/account or with a mobile/account belonging to a third party, for example, a parent or the sponsored person.

Submit Supporting Documents

Before sending your documents please make sure you submit a copy of all original documents and keep in mind your documents will be verified accordingly.

You must upload the required documents through On hand documents are not accepted unless requested by any person in the admission team.

Deadlines to observe

As a general rule, 10 days is permitted for you to send your documents after you have submitted your application form. However, deadlines may differ based on the type of document required.

Required format

To upload your documents, it is important to respect the following requirements:

  • The only format accepted: PDF (one PDF file per “task”)
  • Assembly: files assembled in chronological order and paginated in ascending order
  • Orientation: consistent with the original (portrait or landscape)
  • Document name: name the document based on what the file is about.
  • File size: less than 10 Mb
  • Language: documents written in a language other than English or Somali must be accompanied, in the same PDF file.

Important: The University will reject all screenshots, photographs, or prints of an unofficial document. Ensure the conventionality of your documents before sending them. Once your

After You Submit



After submitting your application modification will be hard unless under some circumstances so that you always follow up with any change at the admission front desk. 

Sending admission front desk email can help you get information ASAP.

What you can do

You may replace one program selection with a program of the same level that is still open for admission in the same session on the date of your change request.

What you cannot do

  1. Add program selections to your initial application.
  2. Make a change request if you have already been offered admission and have accepted. In such cases, no change requests will be processed.

Please note that not all change wishes are automatically acceptable. They are first considered by the Office of Admissions and Recruitment staff. The processing of your file sustains non-refundable fees.

To make your change request, collect the Change Request Form from the information desk.

Correct an error in your application

Please note that some adjustments may be accepted free of charge if they do not disquiet your program selection and if they correct an error in your name, your date of birth, or the list of your prior studies, for example. You may demand these types of amendments using the information request admissions form which can also be collected from the admission desk.



Possible responses

Several days after submitting your application, you will get a response. Therefore, you will find further information on the different possible responses.


Your candidature is accepted. Your file is complete and you gratify the program’s eligibility requirements. Consult with your school administration officer for more information.


Your application is earmarked and will be accepted after you successfully fulfill the conditions detailed in your letter prior to the start of the program.


Refer to the letter, the reason for the refusal.

If you do not agree with the admissions’ decision regarding your application and have features to present that may well turn your admission, you should submit your request in writing to the school head of the relevant program.


  • Receive Response


Applicants who have applied to Hodmas University College will receive an email telling them that their admission letter has been made accessible by their Schools’ administration officer. 

What happens after we’re accepted?—

  • Accept your Admission Offer 


All students must accept their admission offer if they wish to attend HUC. In accepting your offer, you confirm that you do aim to study at HUC and you thereby stand by a spot for yourself.

The deadlines to accept the offer is different given to each student’s condition, read your admission letter carefully to know yours!

Enroll in courses

Course enrollment for admitted students is done by the chosen school staff. Orientation sessions are planned to guide students in their choice of courses and to bring them together to the lecturers and professors. 

Your department will communicate with you soon if it has not already done so, or you can contact them for clarification and when to get your orientation.

For more information visit the administration officer in your school.

Attend your welcome session

Most departments organize welcome sessions for their new students: it is during these sessions that you will learn supplementary information about course registration and meet your future teachers and classmates.

Meetings are a great time to find out more about what to expect and the options available to you.