Faculty Of Computer Science and IT

This school prepares students for employment in computer science and information technology by teaching software development, networking and computing, information security, and cyber security. Our program is designed to provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge while also instilling a desire for lifelong learning.

The computer and information technology sector is one of the world’s fastest growing industries; the integration of technology into almost every aspect of human activity ensures that this trend will continue and that there will be a constant demand for IT professionals in the labor market, particularly in Somalia, where the presence of technology is widely known.


All courses in this school are designed to be practical and research-based, with our students designing and creating as well as spending a lot of time communicating with people, having excellent teamwork and communication skills, as well as language abilities, particularly understanding of English.

As the job of modern IT professionals influences the way people think, changes their behavioral patterns, and affects their lives, it is vital to know how to create goals, be realistic, and accountable.


The field of software engineering is at the center of the computer science industry, and demand for software engineers is likely to increase in the future years. At Hodmas University, we realize the growing demand for software developers with a diverse set of talents. Through team projects and group work, our Computer Science/Software Engineering curriculum guarantees that you graduate with not only a deep understanding of the subject’s concepts, but also with the critical transferable skills needed to adapt and function in a challenging and ever-changing environment. Why This Program It can be difficult to choose a bachelor’s program in software engineering. Programs differ widely, and each student has unique requirements and interests. Each program should be carefully considered, taking into account variables such as academic prerequisites and fees. Students interested in specializing in a certain field of software development, such as web design or computer programming, should look for colleges that offer related specialities and electives.  Whu us? Develop advanced technical knowledge, teamwork, and communication skills to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced field. Graduate with an internationally recognized higher level qualification. HUC provides internships that allow students to develop software in a real-world situation. Recognition of the program is also an important factor to consider. Career perspectives Graduates will be qualified to work in computer software engineering roles that range from general to specialized. Some possible career outcomes include these: System Analyst, Software Engineer,  Software Tester, Software Architect, Programmer.
Duration Internship Exchange Program
3 Years 6 Months YES

Degrees in cyber security are more popular than ever. Hackers and cyberterrorists have limitless chances to exploit individuals, government institutions, and even major corporations since we live in the digital age.

Top companies are willing to pay a high price for cyber security professionals who can protect their data and eliminate vulnerabilities in order to defend against cyber-attacks and security breaches.

Why us?

Do you want a degree that is more than a certificate? We designed this course in such a way that it provides industry connections, required facilities, and a hands-on learning method, which are just a few of the reasons why Hodmas students finish confident and ready to succeed in tomorrow’s jobs.

Career perspective

Graduates will be prepared to work in a variety of cyber security professions, from general to specialist.

The following are some examples of possible career outcomes:

  • Cryptographer
  •  Information security consultant
  •  IT security engineer
  •  Project manager
  •  Security analyst
  •  Security system developer or programmer
  •  Security system manager
DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

 The goal of this curriculum is to generate graduates with knowledge and abilities in information technology and multimedia computing. Graduates will be able to address information technology problems using methodologies and algorithms, as well as use appropriate software to process multimedia components in order to meet the aims of multimedia system development.

Why This Program

Majors learn how to modify photographs, movies, 3D graphics, and interactive multimedia with software in order to express ideas in the most creative and effective way possible.

The Multimedia and Information Technology major allows students to investigate a wide range of technological possibilities and aspects. It provides you with a great starting point and hands-on experience in figuring out how to incorporate emerging technologies into existing business procedures.

Career Prospects

Graduate from this programme may follow a wide range of careers such as Multimedia Content Designer/Developer, Multimedia Programmer, Computer Games Developer, Interactive Media Specialist, Web Designer/Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Application Specialist, Creative Director, Information Systems Manager, Academicians, IT Consultant, Technical Specialist, Technical Consultant, Software Developer/Programmer, and IT Support/Helpdesk

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES


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