Faculty Of Economics, Business and Management

Our School of Economics and Business Management focuses on providing determined, purposeful, and socially liable business education for our evolving and emerging business society in Somalia and the region.

Our academic interests and our different staff and student backgrounds and communities provide an enhancing, interdisciplinary space for learning and research.


This school of Economics, Business and Management work draws on management, economics, and innovation studies, to create an impact on the future of our people and institutions in Africa. We study the issues that matter to transform our country and in the region.


Accounting informs almost all areas of business, from strategy to outsourcing and operational planning to environmental policies. At Hodmas Business School, accounting means more than cutting costs and managing transactions. It’s vital for ensuring accountability by encouraging sound, ethical decision making so that you can make a positive impact in the workplace.

From an undergraduate accounting degree at HU you gain a firm understanding of the financial drivers underpinning business leadership, strategy, planning, governance and ethics. You explore both financial and management accounting and use case studies to apply theory to practice, skills which will be in an increasingly high demand from employers over the coming years.

You’ll gain a broad understanding of accounting and benefit from academic expertise in a range of areas, studying topics such as:

  • preparation and analysis of financial statements
  • regulation in governing accounting practice
  •  principles of cost accumulation
  • financial and management accounting theory
  • providing information to managers to assist their decision making  

In your final year of your accounting degree, you have the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice by completing an in-depth, independent research project or dissertation. This will give you the chance to further develop vital employability skills in areas of research, time management and critical thinking.

Career Options

You will be set up to move into working in management or financial accounting jobs in the corporate, public or voluntary sectors.

You can follow pathways into accountancy via the main professional bodies in the UK, and bypass some of the foundation level examinations needed for qualifying as an accountant.

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

Banking and Finance is a specialized degree. It provides you with the necessary theory as well as a practical grasp of the financial services industry and financial  markets.

Banks have played an important role in the growth of every country in recent decades. A bachelor’s degree in banking and finance allows you to study the philosophy and practice of financial services and financial markets, as well as the financial sector’s overall role in national and global economies.

Why this course

Banking and Finance is a modern and broad-based program that combines an economics basis with specialized banking and finance topics.

This course will provide you a unique critical knowledge of today’s globalized financialized economic system. It also covers modern banking ideas and practice, as well as ethics and regulation. From an international perspective, investigate tax and investment planning, credit, portfolio and risk management, and other practical challenges.

Why us?

We will teach you everything you need to know about financial markets, how corporations and businesses make investment, financing, and acquisition decisions, and how modern banks operate. Whether your focus is domestic or international, this well-balanced course will propel you to the top of the industry for both private and public institutions. placement, you will develop your specialist economic knowledge, gain experience with banking and finance tasks, strategy, and supervisory roles, and learn the practical skills you will need to succeed in one of the world’s most important sectors.

Career Options

This degree will prepare you for a career in accounting, consulting, commercial or investment banking, trade and sales, or risk management, as well as graduate school.

From an international perspective, investigate tax and investment planning, credit, portfolio and risk management, and other practical challenges.

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

This degree equips students with analytical and mathematical skills that can be used for a wide range of economics and non-economics jobs.

We deliver an economics education that is technically difficult. Econometrics, or the application of statistical methods to data in order to estimate economic models, is part of the program. Over the first two years, mandatory courses in macro and microeconomics, mathematics, statistics, and econometrics provide a solid foundation.

Why us?

This degree incorporates academic education into a global economics and business framework, as well as the opportunity to participate in a valuable placement year where you will be able to see economics in action.

You will improve your ability to utilize Excel and other statistical tools, understand financial data, and produce business reports, as well as build a working knowledge of both academic and empirical methodologies that can be applied to the industrial and global environment.

We will conduct short-term internships at government agencies, banks (local and international), risk and insurance industries, investments, and the retailing business, among many other opportunities.

Career Perspective

You will be able to work as an economist in academia, industry, finance, or government after completing this program.

Following are some of the most common employment routes for economics graduates: 

  • Economist.
  • Financial risk analyst.
  • Data analyst.
  • Economic research.
  • Investment analysts.
DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

Our International Business Management degree prepares you for a career in international management by teaching you how to lead intelligently, think ethically, and provide you with the opportunity to gain approved work experience through our Placement and Employability Unit. 

Today’s company is really global; technological advancements enable organizations of all sizes to connect with clients and suppliers from all over the world.

Why us?

Our Bachelor of International Business and Management program will help you analyze, comprehend, and act on global challenges and opportunities confronting both advanced economies in Europe, Asia, and North America, as well as  understanding and focusing on Somalia’s growing economy and the continent’s slowly emerging business and economies.

Visiting different continents in Africa, Europe, and Asia over your years at HUC to gain firsthand insight with another country’s economy.

Career perspective

IBA Bachelor’s degree is so wide, you can work in a variety of sectors, including general management, marketing (management), corporate finance, accounting, and even human resources. You may begin your career by completing an international management traineeship, or you could go straight into international marketing and sales, international business consulting, or international finance management. Supranational government employment may be appealing if you favor the nonprofit sector.

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES


The adoption of new technology to transform firms and obtain competitive advantages in a constantly changing global context is what digital business is all about. In a digital economy, it involves revolutionizing companies by integrating digital technologies and business processes. 

This course is meant to help you build your digital capabilities, theoretical background, and business skills needed to seek a career in business transformation through digital transformation. As a result, as the business world becomes more digitally transformed and modified, the course will provide you with professional abilities that are directly connected to the growing career chances.

Why us?

HUC Develops the graduate skills necessary to examine common features of digital firms and compare them to traditional business models, allowing you to recognize some of the trends that distinguish digital from traditional businesses and processes.

Develop your knowledge and skills to use existing technology to improve efficiency, gather data, and deliver a better customer experience, with the goal of giving your company a competitive advantage.

Career perspective

Marketing associate professional, business sales executive, human resources and industrial relations officer, management consultant and business analyst, finance and investment analyst and adviser, manager and director in retail and wholesale, chartered and certified accountant, and business associate professional are eight of the top ten jobs held by international business studies graduates.

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

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