Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science will combine the best practices and achievements of some of Somalia’s and the region’s leading universities with fresh and innovative concepts.


Through high-quality and innovative programs, high-calibre and value-added research, excellence in education, and exceptional students and graduates who are prepared to be productive professionals and leaders of tomorrow, we strive to become one of Somalia’s leading engineering and applied science centers.


Our Engineering Management program educates students on fundamental engineering sciences and manufacturing processes. This enables for the formation of a firm foundation in engineering and technology terminology and comprehension.This material is paired with a wide range of business strategy, company organization, human management, resource management, and project planning modules, which provide graduates with management abilities across a variety of engineering and technological fields. The objective is to interface and integrate these vital activities with the business organization and financial management of large and small organizations, both national and worldwide.

Career Prospects

Aerospace, automotive, production, process engineering, product design, design engineering, and management are all possible careers. Graduates can expect to work in a variety of positions ranging from design and development to management.


DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

This curriculum is intended to provide a comprehensive but rigorous design studio- based educational experience that is required for graduate studies in architecture and, as a result, is vital to the professional practice of providing architectural services.

Students’ creative and innovative design activities are guided by an understanding of the density of factors relating to human interaction with designed and natural environments, as well as an awareness that architectural design decisions have consequences that impact global habitability, cultural evolution, environmental change, and human society’s sustainability.

Career Prospects

Career opportunities open to you after successful graduation includes:

  •         architectural practice
  •          interior design practice
  •          venue project management
  •          design consultancy
  •          styling and retail display

         film, TV and stage set design

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

This Renewable Energy Engineering degree will expose you to a discipline of

engineering that focuses on powering the globe in a sustainable manner. From

energy conversion and storage technology to low-carbon heating systems, electrical circuit analysis, and large network grids, you’ll gain the engineering skills and technical knowledge needed to design, assess, and improve electrical, renewable, and alternative energy systems that benefit the environment and society.

Careers perspective

When you graduate, you’ll be prepared for a position at the cutting edge of sustainable energy technologies. Not only is the work fulfilling, but you’ll be working in a highly skilled field that is always in demand, and you’ll be a part of the solution to one of society’s most serious problems.

What jobs can you get with a degree in renewable energy engineering? You’ll be able to play a variety of roles, including:

  • solar PV system engineer
  • wind energy engineer
  • energy storage engineer (battery specialist)
  • hydrogen energy system engineer
  • fuel cell system engineer
  • zero carbon heating engineer
  • electric vehicle charging specialist
  • smart grid engineer
  • energy management specialist
  • energy audit specialist 
  • business development manager
DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

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