Faculty Of Health Science

Through leadership in health sciences education, discovery, innovation, research, and excellent health delivery services, our Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to achieving excellence and enhancing health.


One of the key objectives is to promote and expand access to professional training at all levels so that graduates can find work. The Faculty of Health Sciences’ goals are in line with this mission. Its goals are to:

  1. To train health professionals in key areas that will ensure the achievement of the millennium development goals
  2. To conduct research in strategic areas that will provide the necessary evidence for the highest level of teaching and practice of the health professions; and 
  3. To provide service to selected communities in a way that promotes partnership and dignity in human development.


Psychology can change lives for the better. On this BSc (Hons) Psychology degree, which is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), you’ll study the mind and behavior, examine how people think, act and feel – and take your first steps towards a career that really matters.

Why us?

Our BSc Health Psychology program is one of the few in the country that focuses on the impact of psychology on the traumas, motives, thoughts, and feelings that underpin human health-related behaviors.

Careers perspective

After graduation, you will be prepared to work as an applied practitioner, researcher, or instructor in sport and exercise psychology.

You’ll also have transferable skills for a job in other fields, such as business, law enforcement, or the military forces.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology is useful for a variety of jobs. Psychology students gain a variety of valuable skills through their diverse training, including the ability to analyze problems and think critically; the ability to interpret and evaluate research, including statistics; an understanding of the genetic, biological, and social influences on behavior; and sensitivity and awareness of interpersonal, developmental, and cultural differences.

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

In our country’s ever-changing healthcare profession, take the first step toward a future in healthcare management with our BSc Healthcare Management, which offers you a unique opportunity to explore a choice of career-focused modules in both fields.

Why us?

Our program seeks to create and enhance the skills and behaviors needed by national and international professionals working in a complicated healthcare system.

This course focuses on developing the information, skills, behaviors, and attitudes needed to build healthcare workers in practice and organizations, while also covering current, national, and international healthcare priorities.

Career perspectives

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries today, featuring many different positions with unique educational requirements. You can expect these kinds of positions to require applicants to have an associate degree in healthcare administration or management:

  • Administrative Support Specialist
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Medical Secretary
  • Patient Service Representative
  • Operations Assistant
DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

A public health degree will provide you with the skills and information you need to improve and safeguard public health and the well-being of individuals, communities, and populations. You will concentrate on addressing significant health concerns and reducing inequities at the global, national, and local levels.

This degree is designed to increase your employability in epidemiology, statistical analysis, public health training, public and social care, community health, and health care services.

You will be encouraged to participate in a work placement to obtain professional and practical skills while working with a municipal authority, social body, or non- governmental organization. Working on one component of public health will allow you to contribute to enhancing healthcare service delivery, motivating people to live healthier lifestyles, and influencing health policy reform in Somalia and beyond.

Why This Program

Our BSc (Hons) Public Health program will educate you to comprehend the multidisciplinary approaches to public health in Somalia as well as the global perspective.

As a graduate of this program, you will have acquired the information and abilities required to effectively prepare for and build a career in a variety of public health-related fields.

Career perspectives

This course will equip our students for jobs in the field of public health. Many international organizations, local non-governmental organizations, and government agencies provide opportunities in public health. A multitude of occupations are possible, including:

  • Health Education Specialists.
  • Emergency Response Planner.
  • Public Health Advocate.
  • Disease Prevention Specialist.
  • Public Health Planner.
  • Medical and Health Services Manager.
  • Health Service Administrator.
  • Healthcare Consultant.
  • Non-profit Coordinator.
  • Public health practitioner.
DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

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