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Today’s world of journalism, as well as advertising, public relations, visual communications, and mass communications studies, is moving at breakneck speed. In other words, all of our school’s majors. The number of ways to communicate stories with words, photographs, and video is growing all the time, and in our classes and in your future careers, you’ll learn about online news media, digital publishing, social media, micro targeting, and viral communication.


Also, Somalia’s journalism is oppressed because of a lack of ethics and law education, which journalism contributes to because they are unable to criticize. This course will teach you about journalism in Somalia and the surrounding region.


Broadcast journalism is extremely important in today’s culture. It keeps us informed about what’s going on in the world, keeps us up to speed on the information we need to know, and does it in an easy-to-understand format. If you want to learn more about current events and topics and report on them, our broadcast journalism program is for you.

In your second and third years, you’ll learn how to investigate, record, edit, and produce news for web, radio, and television, with the option to specialize in your favored areas. You’ll also complete internships at news organizations.

Why us

Our broadcast journalism modules at HUC are designed to introduce you to a range of media, such as radio, television, and online reporting. You’ll have the option to specialize in any aspect of broadcast journalism that interests you as your studies advance, from podcasting to sports reporting.

It doesn’t stop there. You’ll also learn how to write in shorthand, attend broadcast editing seminars, and operate camera and recording equipment as part of this course.

Career perspective

This broadcast and digital journalism degree is designed to provide you with the knowledge and experience necessary to apply your broadcast and online journalism skills and knowledge in real-world situations.

Such as Radio, television, social media, and digital technology are all interesting, challenging, and demanding environments. 

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES


This module gives a broad overview of the communication industry, using a theoretical and historical path to understand the current status of the industry. Students examine the development of various kinds of media communication, as well as the underlying concepts and disputes that have emerged in an attempt to account for them in a modern, Western cultural framework. Access to means of communication, the expansion of numerous genres of communication, and the impact of digital revolutions on our ‘information society’ are all explored. Access to ‘means’ of communication, the expansion of numerous genres of communication, and the impact of digital revolutions on our ‘information society’ are all explored.

Why us

HUC students can study about strategic public relations and how to communicate using a multimedia approach. The goal of the course is to assist students improve their written and spoken communication abilities so that they can become competent communicators capable of dealing with the challenges of public relations.

Multimedia technology, such as video, audio, and web information, is available to students. They will be able to examine how social media can be a hazardous but effective means of reaching large audiences.

Career perspective

Students who successfully complete this program will be able to work in a variety of media outlets, including new channels, newspapers, publishing houses, television, radio, and the internet.

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

People with the skills to create creative digital content across social media and many other digital platforms, as well as a specialist understanding of user experience and design, as well as upcoming technologies like VR, are in high demand as new technologies and platforms emerge.

Our BA (Hons) Digital Media Production degree will provide you with a transferrable toolkit to help you on your digital path, whether it’s for corporations, charities, arts organizations, or anything else. The course will assist you in honing your artistic vision and technical capabilities, as well as providing you with research and analytical skills to help you strengthen your creative ideas.

Why us

Because our country has so many stories to tell, our students in this program will have the opportunity to specialize in documentary and video media production. Since there are no second takes in real life, this emphasis on authenticity-based visual storytelling helps students to capture occurrences the first time. Our program prepares students to operate in a self-motivated, ever- changing world that requires technical expertise and lightning fast reflexes, whether they are producing short films or documentaries. We will train them and equip them with the most up-to-date information in order for them to supply us with stories that need to be shared to society.

Career perspective

You’ll be prepared for careers such as digital media design, web design, social media analysis, content writing, videography, motion graphic art, and interactive design if you complete our BA (Hons) Digital Media Production course. However, you’ll be prepared for jobs such as digital cultural pundit or designer in the near future. In this dynamic cultural scene, you might even develop your own new role.

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

Recognizing the interconnected character of current marketing communications, this program brings together the disciplines of advertising and digital communications. It is intended to provide students with the information and abilities necessary to pursue a career in advertising and digital marketing, either as a client or in a creative agency.

This program combines academic foundations with the creative and digital abilities needed for work. Students will be expected to develop strategic campaigns while also learning practical skills including copywriting, video editing, and basic digital design, as well as gaining understanding of and experience with marketing technologies.


Why us?

Our Advertising and Digital Marketing Communication course will introduce you to a variety of tools and approaches, giving you a broad overview of the digital technological landscape as well as current strategic marketing principles. Through placement and live agency projects, you will get the opportunity to use these abilities in real-world projects, establishing a portfolio of realistic digital outputs for your CV.

The technical skills you develop are globally applicable and in great demand, while the modules you study address strategic and theoretical challenges using case studies from throughout the world.

Career perspective

Graduates can work in a variety of exciting jobs in the advertising and digital marketing industries, such as:

  • Account manager in a marketing communications agency.
  • Media planner or buyer.
  • Advertising planner.
  • Public relations consultant.
  • Brand or communications manager.
  • Digital media executive.
  • Account manager in marketing communications.
DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

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