The faculty of Social Science and Politics at HUC aimed to become one of the most successful academic groupings in the region for social science research and teaching.

Our students will develop and maintain major links within communities (internal and external) by investigating the social, cultural, and political ideas of Somalia and today through a diverse array of transdisciplinary networks and research-focused teaching.



We will take great delight in contributing to public discourse and sharing our findings with other organizations and community services. Successful engagement initiatives, which include participation and collaboration with research institutes both locally and regionally, provide a forum for all of our students in this school to engage in public issue debates, bringing together researchers, activists, and policymakers committed to greater equality and power accountability.


If you want a rewarding career in social justice, this could be the degree for you. Whether you’re a school dropout or have previously been working with communities and want to return to school. We’ll help you improve your employability and leadership abilities while also Immersing you in cutting-edge academic and research techniques.

Our Bsc in Community Development and Leadership gives a comprehensive look at challenges that influence communities and how we may address them. It is linked to degrees in social work and youth studies in order to provide a diverse range of learning experiences and job prospects.

Why this course?

Are you interested in collaborating with individuals and communities? Do you envision yourself as a leader in the future? Are you looking for a rewarding job? If that’s the case, this could be the course for you.

Our community development program, which includes a foundation year, will help you strengthen your academic skills while also providing possibilities to work with communities in a variety of professional roles following graduation. By the end of your degree, you will have acquired all of the necessary skills for assisting groups and individuals in improving your neighborhood and making social provision responsible to residents and service users.

Why Us?

Our Bachelor of Community Development and Leadership program will prepare you for a variety of careers in local community development.

The program is meant to concentrate lessons on practical skills that will assist you in becoming a successful community worker.

We will prepare our students to help strengthen the capacity of local communities in order to make them stronger and to be change agents.

Career Perspective

By the end of the course, you will have gained the experience and knowledge required to become a leader in your chosen area.

Graduates in community development and youth-related programs might pursue a variety of vocations such as social research, community work, counseling, teaching, youth justice, and social policy.

Duration Internship Exchange Program
3 Years 6 Months YES

This Program describes the role of public administration in government and public office, as well as its role in administering government policy and transforming political decisions into reality that individuals see every day.

It involves the organization of government departments and agencies, the management of policy-

implementation programs, and the behavior and responsibilities of ‘civil servants’ and officials in charge of those policies and programs. It examines government decision-making, how and why policies are formed, and how they are analyzed. It outlines the responsibilities of municipal budget directors, HR administrators, city leaders, census managers, state mental health directors, and cabinet secretaries, as well as heads of city, county, regional, state, and federal departments.

Why us?

Studying Public Administration and Leadership at Hodmas University College will provide you with an introduction to the worlds of politics, public administration, and civil society in Somalia and around the world. You will discover that politics is not only the responsibility of those we have chosen, but also of individual citizens and the organizations that they measure.

You will not only learn about the world of public leadership, but also how to critically critique it. Learning about public leadership at Hodmas University College is about enabling and equipping you to know what to do with that information, not about gaining a lot ofn information.

Why This Program

A bachelor’s degree in public administration can lead to a range of careers in government and nonprofit organizations. While a public administration degree prepares graduates to

work in these organizations administrative departments, graduates can also study skills that will aid them in other career situations, such as auditing. Administrators in the public sector are frequently hired by the government and non-profit organizations.

Career perspective

The course aims to prepare you for a leadership role in public service, whether in the public, voluntary, or private companies. It also prepares you to continue a career in understanding research and undertaking research into the new public service landscape. Policy Analysis and the Role of the Public, Somali Politics, and Public Fiscal Management are among the courses offered by HUC’s public administration program. In addition to your 5 focus courses, the business core can help you succeed in this life- changing and personally gratifying area.

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

Our Economics, Politics, and International Studies (BSc/BA) programme bridges the gap between economics and political analysis. It allows you to place economic theory and practice within the context of national and global political structures and behavior. It also provides a comprehensive view of how governments, businesses, and individuals operate in the twenty-first century, with up-to-date analysis and debate of significant events. How do political systems influence economic decision-making? Who decides what is fair? What can be done to tackle political and economic inequality?

On BA Politics and Economics, you’ll answer these questions through the study of global and comparative politics, as well as an introduction to micro and macroeconomics. This will give you an understanding of the choices we make as individuals as well as the decisions that are made on our behalf by governments. You’ll learn about the complex political and economics processes that impact us on a local, national and global scale. This course will also enable you to make better informed decisions and have a greater awareness of how you can personally contribute to social and political change.

Why this course

Every new generation inherits a more complex environment than their previous, necessitating fresh approaches to public policies that affect people’s daily lives.

We look at the implications of innovation and change for individuals and communities in World Politics and Economy. The social sciences are where the world looks for answers to today’s and tomorrow’s most pressing issues, including education and health policy, financial crises, globalization, policing, political polarization, public management, terrorism, and the use of geographic information sciences to investigate social, economic, and environmental issues.

Why us?

As an undergraduate in the World Politics Economy, you will have the opportunity to work with professors who are calculating issues that will influence your future.

HUC will prepare you for jobs in government, organizations, and the private sector that will allow you to make a genuine impact in today’s and tomorrow’s worlds. Our Department of World Politics and Economy is at the forefront of public and nonprofit sector leadership, ethics, and innovation, and our students and faculty are looking forward to new possibilities to research and confront the complex and growing concerns of the future. Research informs much of the instruction.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the World Politics and Economy Studies program will be able to pursue advanced studies in political science, economics, and other social sciences and humanities. 

Graduates will be able to work as political advisors, reviewers, managers, and economists in foreign public institutions, national embassies, consular offices, non-governmental organizations, East Africa, the United Nations, and other international organizations, institutions, and offices.

Our students will also be prepared to work in the private sector, the media, or to start their own businesses.

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

This degree will provide you with a broad understanding of the interrelated disciplines of politics and international affairs. You will get a solid understanding of government, political theory, empirical and theoretical approaches to international relations, and how many levels of political governance – national, regional, and international – interact in the world.

The programme offers a wide range of module possibilities, allowing you to specialize in specific themes, topics, and places. You can investigate global ethics, US foreign policy, race and racism in global politics.

Why us?

This is the first time in Somali history that global political relations have changed so drastically, and comprehending this history, particularly the history of the modern world, is a key feature of the degree. Without this political-historical understanding, we cannot make sense of the momentous developments we see around us.  

Our program will provide exceptional research in international relations, international political economics, political and historical sociology, political theory, public policy, and the study of countries and regions such as the AU, GCC, EU, and US Foreign Policy to academics.

Career perspective

You can benefit from an in-depth awareness of the worldwide scene in a globalised world where enterprises increasingly do business beyond national borders, acquiring an insight appealing to many employers. This course is based on current research and gives information on topics that are at the forefront of the fields of Politics and International Relations, as well as the opportunity to build a diverse set of skills that employers value.

Our graduates with degrees in politics and international relations can pursue a variety of intriguing occupations.

Graduates in politics and international relations are highly employable, with valuable political knowledge and research, analytical, and communication abilities that open doors to a wide range of positions. They pursue occupations both at home and abroad primarily in government, policy research, education, journalism, and business – both inside and beyond the political arena.

DurationInternshipExchange Program
3 Years6 MonthsYES

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