Hodmas Creative and Career Center

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Innovations make an impact when bold ideas meet powerful thinkers, innovators, and great partnerships.

The HUC CCC connects is designed and structured to help start-ups and entrepreneurs, students, and academicians with an extensive Hodmas network of assets, funding, resources, clients, and partners.

Cooperatively, we can help lead the future of innovation that can help Somalia’s economic growth and the continent.

HUC CCC Mission

1- To encourage and promote a collaborative community fueled with growing innovation that can change lives and improve the way of living.

2- To create a culture of innovation and creativity that identifies issues and considers solutions and opportunities and develops different solutions for the region’s emerging economies.

3- We will Connect forward-thinkers, ideas, data, and innovators to an affirmative impact on a large scale that can impact all.

HUC CCC Vision

We envisioned bringing students from all disciplines working together to unite and merge their unique competencies, perspectives, and soul under the counsel, advice, and guidance of experienced mentors to design and produce a tale and constructive solutions to the inflame, complicated, and unpleasant problems of our country including education, health, economic growth, environmental and sustainability, scarcity and water management and more.

To contribute to our ongoing ideas, thinking, events, and discussion, please do fill out the form below and let us know how you can help, who you are or what you need