With only 2 years in full operation as a university college, we successfully transformed many students and lives by introducing them to the education system and structure that will help them achieve more in their life by fitting in the job market.

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Years of Quality Education

Hodmas University College became the first female-led institution in the south and central Somalia and was founded 2 years ago in Mogadishu City by young prominent intellectuals and educators who were frustrated by the intellectual timidity of traditional colleges and universities in Somalia and Africa.

The founder Ms. Naima Abdirahman Moalin and co-founder Mohamed Abdulkadir Osman set out to create a new kind of academic institution, one where faculty and students would be free to honestly and directly address the problems facing societies in Somalia and beyond. Their vision was to bring together scholars and citizens interested in questioning, debating, and discussing the most important issues of the day in many fields.

Since the official opening of the university in 2020, the university has grown to include seven schools/faculties, with courses that reflect the rapidly growing environment of Somalia by focusing on Technology, agriculture and livestock, business management, health science, engineering, and mass communication and soon will be starting philosophy, art and design, and climate and environmental studies.


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