Vision & Strategy

Cultivating young Somalis Mindset, Encouraging Creativity, Invention and Free Thinking.


We develop new ways of teaching and learning. We intend to work with others, we will use our collective talents, expertise and shared attempt in research and education to address local challenges, achieve social trust, increase in educating entrepreneurs and innovators, and help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals in somalia.

We will enable our students to thrive through critical thinking and a sense of belonging for themselves and to the society they live with. They will be partners in shaping their own dynamic and innovative educational experience, characterized by effective learning, technologies and collaboration with their peers in the country and outside.

Students will feel valued for their unique, distinctive and individual contribution, and they will graduate equipped to make a difference as true citizens in Somalia and globally.

Our Strategy

Participating & helping to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

We will assemble an excellent contribution to embrace and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by providing research and education, our involvement with partners and our actions on campus and in our communities. We will set a special weight on environmental sustainability, and work with partners in both private and public sector, local communities as well as local NGOs and International NGOs including the UN.

Drawing Collaborations in all that we do.

We aspire to become a university where borders do not exist, reaching out to our students, alumni and to our civic partners, both public and private and citizens to guarantee our research and education will evolve in collaborative ways. We recognize the benefits we provide to our communities are necessary.

We will also promote a limitless principle within the University to uplift a collaboration beyond structural and cultural boundaries to boost and enhance our accomplishments and achievements and its effectiveness.

Cultivating young Somalis Mindset

In order to respond to the increasing complexities of emerging markets in Somalia and in Africa, we will build on our success by cultivating a young somalis mindset among our staff and students. We will provide and extend international experience for everyone who is part of Hodmas UC. This will include introducing exceptional international standard research and teaching partnerships, focusing our curricula in the light of new demands in Africa and globally, providing suitable and proper mobility chances for students, and creating an on-campus culture of positive interactivity among people from different parts of the country.

Encouraging Creativity, Invention and Free Thinking

Our staff, students and graduates will be known for their willingness to explore and innovate. We will promote a desire for entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, honoring and acknowledging new findings and inventions, addressing societal challenges and equipping our students with the critical thinking, entrepreneurialism and emotional intelligence to empower them to be innovators and problem solvers.

We will establish and create indicators to give incentives to ensure people are empowered to observe and evaluate with no worries and doubt of failure; we will create curricula and extra-curricular opportunities that increases the length of student skills; and we will use the proficiency, expertise and professionalism of our staff (academic and non-academic) and students to solve our own problems and to engage with internal and external challenges.


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